Jain Irrigation buys Australian Observant to offer precision farm water management


In California, Jain Irrigation, Inc. acquired the technology and core team of Australian Observant Pty Ltd, a provider of in-field hardware and cloud based applications for precision farm water management. The acquisition will combine Observant’s broad field monitoring and control technology with Jain’s global irrigation manufacturing and precision agriculture technology platform.

“In combination with our complementary products technologies from the United States, Australia, India, and Israel, we have unmatched capabilities to help farmers deliver on our promise of ‘More Crop per Drop”, said Anil Jain, Managing Director of Jain Irrigation Systems Limited.

Founded in Australia in 2003 by Simon Holmes à Court and Matthew Pryor, Observant helped establish the precision water management market with more than 5,000 connected devices in the field in Australia and the USA. Pryor will take the role of Australian CEO and CTO, while Holmes à Court will continue a relationship with Observant as an advisor.