A Who’s Who of new technology and adopters

At ABLC NEXT, you’ll meet application and platform developers, investors, policymakers, end-use customers and channel & development partners for the newest technologies of the advanced bioeconomy: health, nutrition, AgTech, genetics, big data, robotics, fuels, chemicals and materials. This is the place where digital and physical technologies converge.


ABLC NEXT is a connected series of 10 conferences on the most important issues in the Bioeconomy right now.

These conferences-within-a-conference are:

1. The Advanced Biofuels Summit - including new markets and technologies for renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuels and advanced alcohols.

2. The Renewable Chemicals & Biomaterials Summit - including new markets and technologies for advanced packaging, novel high-performance fibers and chemicals.

3. The Sustainable California Summit - the vital role of the California markets for renewable fuels, chemicals, materials, nutrition and agtech — technology development, project deployment and tapping fast growing demand.

4. The Sustainable Pacific Summit - the vital role of the US and Canadian West Coast and Pacific Rim Markets for renewable fuels, chemicals, materials, nutrition and agtech — technology development, project deployment and tapping fast growing demand.

5. The Advanced Nutrition Summit - advanced products and technologies for human and animal nutrition — more food, better food, and more customer choice.

6. The Sustainable Aviation Summit - with the onset of global low carbon CORSIA standards for aviation, the prospects for technology development, project deployment and offtake in heavy-duty air transport.

7. The Bioeconomy Policy Forum — as elections, climate agreements, carbon policy, taxation & incentives, trade policy - bioeconomy policy is ever shifting to meet new public demand, and this forum brings together regional, national and international leaders with the latest word on the policy landscape.

8. The Financing & Investment Forum - who's investing in what, who's lending where and why and how. For company advancement to project deployment, financing matters at every step of the way and ABLC Next's world-class experts are at the forefront of the deal-making and deal structuring.

9. The Biogas & RNG Summit - agricultural, food, municipal, forest and animal wastes are being captured for conversion into renewable natural gas for stationary and transport applications — its the fastest growing ABLC sector, who are the players, the markets, what are the feedstocks, the economics and technologies?

10. The Digital Biology Summit - genetics, robotics, bandwidth, blockchain, the Intemet of Things, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, storage and agtech applications for all these cross-cutting and fast-moving technology platforms are creating new opportunities and platforms. Right from the labs and foundries we present the very latest technologies and their near-term impacts in supply-chain, biomanufacturing and project deployment.

California, Here We Come

ABLC NEXT explores the vital role of the California, US and Canadian West Coast, and Pacific Rim Markets for renewable fuels, chemicals, materials, nutrition and agtech.

No matter where technologies are made, low carbon, climate-friendly, and novel high-performance technologies find that the West is Best when it comes to early deployment.

At ABLC Next we'll explore:

1. The California Low Carbon Fuel Standard and the markets it opens and powers in renewable fuels and for integrated biorefineries producing multiple projects.

2. Low Carbon Fuel Standards in Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and elsewhere — their impact for projects and project developers.

3. Pioneer and early adopter markets in the Pacific Rim and the US western states — consumers, B2B, sustainable brands, agriculture, energy and food majors and what they are backing, and when and where and why and how.

4. Silicon Valley and the western hubs of San Diego, Seattle, Denver, Phoenix, Singapore, Hawaii, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, India and China, among others, as places to develop technologies, deploy projects or tap fast-growing demand.

At ABLC NEXT, you are a vital part of the action. Really connect!

Slides and coffee breaks? How about actual one-on-ones where you can see products and interact with their developers.

Or, one-to-ones with renowned consulting experts where you can tap cutting-edge advice in real-time on your most pressing problems in developing partnerships, lab breakthroughs, design, getting the right people. accelerating pace, gaining visibility, development, employment, finance.

Or, high-powered receptions where the leading technologists of this generation, policymakers and financiers are picking up awards, and on-hand for information-sharing and partnering up.