A Who’s Who of new technology and adopters

At ABLC NEXT, you'll meet application and platform developers, investors, policymakers, end-use customers and channel & development partners for the newest technologies of the advanced bioeconomy: health, nutrition, AgTech, genetics, big data, robotics, fuels, chemicals and materials. This is the place where digital and physical technologies converge.


ABLC NEXT is a connected series of 5 conferences on the most important issues in the Bioeconomy right now. These conferences-within-a-conference are: 1. The Advanced Fuels Summit - focused this year on Advanced Biomass Diesel, BioCrude, Advanced Alcohols and Alternatives to gasoline. 2. The Renewable Chemicals & Biomaterials Summit - focused this year on Novel Performance Chemicals and Advanced Packaging. 3. The Sustainable Brands Summit - the technologies deployed by major brands — and their deployment, communications and performance goals. 4. The Advanced Nutrition Summit - advanced products and technologies for human and animal nutrition — more food, better food, and more customer choice. 5. The BioFrontiers Summit - the 30 Most Compelling technologies and solutions ready for development and commercialization from leading technology developers and labs.

An “action event” with unparalleled networking and visualization

At ABLC NEXT, you are a vital part of the action. Really connect!

Slides and coffee breaks? How about actual one-on-ones where you can see products and interact with their developers.

Or, one-to-ones with renowned consulting experts where you can tap cutting-edge advice in real-time on your most pressing problems in developing partnerships, lab breakthroughs, design, getting the right people. accelerating pace, gaining visibility, development, employment, finance.

Or, high-powered receptions where the leading technologists of this generation, policymakers and financiers are picking up awards, and on-hand for information-sharing and partnering up.