Adam Brown, Senior Energy Analyst, International Energy Agency
Alan Zacher, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (inv.)
Alex Michine, CEO, MetGen
Alex Zanghellini, CEO, Arzeda  (invited)
Annette Cowie, Principal Research Scientist Climate, New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (inv.)
Antti Arasto, Research Manager, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Arunas Chesonis, CEO, Sweetwater Energy
Bert van de Beld, Director Technology, BTG Biomass Technology Group (tbc)
Blake Simmons, Dir. Bio Syst. & Engr, Agile BioFoundry
Brian Thome, CEO, Edeniq  (invited)
Bryan Sherbacow, CEO, AltAir Fuels
Charlie Dimmler, CEO, Checkerspot  (invited)
Chenlin Li, Co-lead Feedstock-Conversion Interface Consortium, INL
Cristina Negri, Director, Environmental Science Division, Argonne National Lab (inv.)
Daniel Gaspar, PNNL  (invited)
Dave Bushong, SVP R&D, POET  (invited)
David Hazlebeck, Founder & CEO, Global Algae Innovations (inv.)
David Sudolsky, CEO, Anellotech
Deepak Dugar, Visolis  (invited)
Denis Luquin, managing partner, Sofinnova Vantures (Inv.)
Derek Regal, Senior Manager of Fuels and Regulatory Issues, Andeaver (inv.)
Dieter Stapf, Head of Institute for Technical Chemistry, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Doug Longman, ANL  (invited)
Dror Sharon, CEO, Consumer Physics  (invited)
Ed de Jong, Vice President of Development, Avantium Chemicals
Eric Mathur, CEO, ISO Bioscience  (invited)
Eric McAfee, CEO, Aemetis
Fatemeh Shirazi, CEO, Microvi Technologies (inv.)
Fernando Preto, Natural Resources Canada, Mission Innovation – Sustainable Biofuels Innovation Challenge (inv.)
Gene Lester, National Program Leader, US ARS  (invited)
Gerard Ostheimer, SEforALL
Guenther Bochmann, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
Inge Johansson, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Inge Stupak, Associate professor, University of Copenhagen (inv.)
Ioannis Dimitriou, Associate Professor, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (inv.)
Isabella de Bari, ENEA
Jaap Koppejan, Managing Director, Procede Biomass BV inv.)
Jack Oswald, CEO, ISOThrive  (invited)
Jack Saddler, Professor, University of British Columbia
Jacques Beaudry-Losique, CBO, Algenol  (invited)
James Bowie, Professor, UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (inv.)
James McMillan, National Bioenergy Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Jason Kelly, CEO, Ginkgo BioWorks
Jay Keasling, CEO, JBEI
Jeanette Mucha, CSO, SciBac (invited)
Jeffrey Skeer, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) (inv.)
Jennifer Dunn, ANL  (invited)
Jennifer Holmgren, CEO, LanzaTech
Jerry Murphy, University College Cork
Jim Macias, CEO, Fulcrum BioEnergy  (invited)
Jim Spaeth, US Department of Energy, chairman IEA Bioenergy
Joe Hrdlicka, CEO, Iowa Botechnology Association
Joel Cherry, president, R&D, Amyris
Johannes Lindorfer, Energy Institute, Johannes Kepler University
John Farrell, NREL  (invited)
Jonathan Male, Director, BioEnergy Technologies Office, DOE
Jordan Solomon, CEO, EcoStrat  (invited)
Josh Hoffman, CEO, Zymergen  (invited)
Karsten Temme, CEO, Pivot Bio  (invited)
Katharine Mach, Director, Stanford Environment Assessment Facility (inv.)
Kevin Comer, Associate Principal, Antares (inv.)
Kevin Whitty, Professor Chemical Engineering, University of Utah( inv)
Kirk Haney, managing partner, Radicle Funds  (invited)
Larry Feinberg, CEO, KnipBio
Mahdi Abu Omar, UCSB Chair of Green Chemistry, Associate Director, Center for Catalytic Conversion of Biomass to Biofuels
Madhu Khanna, U of Illinois  (invited)
Marc Hillmyer, Director, MSU NSF Center for Sustainable Polymers (inv.)
Marcel Cremers, Business Lead, DNV GL / Rob Mager, Ontario Power Generation (inv.)
Martin Junginger, Professor Bio-Based Economy, Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University (inv.)
Martin Sabarsky, CEO, Cellana  (invited)
Mathieu Dumont, Netherlands Enterprise Agency
Matt Lipscomb, CEO, DMC Limited
Med Colket, National Jet Fuels Combustion Program (inv.)
Michael Lakeman, Boeing  (invited)
Michela Morese, Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP) (inv.)
Michael Saltzberg, Global Business Director, Biomaterials, DuPont Industrial Biosciences  (invited)
Michael Wild, President, International Biomass Torrefaction Council (inv.)
Naveen Sikka, CEO, TerViva
Oliver Peeples, CEO, Yield10  (invited)
Paolo Frankl, Heat of Renewable Energy Division, International Energy Agency (inv.)
Patrick Lamers, Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
Peter Nieuwenhuizen, Chief Technology Officer at AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals  (invited)
Randy LeTang, CEO, SG Preston
Rebecca Boudreaux, Pres., Oberon Fuels
Rebecca White, CSO, Qualitas Health  (invited)
Renato Godinho, Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, BioFuture Platform
Rob Brown, Sr. Director, Synthetic Genomics  (invited)
Robert Graham, Chairman, Ensyn
Roger Wyse, co-CEO, Spruce Capital Partners  (invited)
Ron Kent, Advanced Technologies Development Manager, SoCal Gas (inv.)
Ryan Zebroski, VP Commercialization and Development , American Process (inv.)
Sander Defruyt, Lead, New Plastics Economy, Ellen MacArthur Foundation (jnv.)
Sandy Ferguson, Conifex (inv.)
Simon Herriott, Global Business Director, Bioactives, DuPont Industrial Biosciences  (invited)
Sjors Garaedts, Head of Innovation, GoodFuels (inv.)
Steve Mayfield, Professor, University of California at San Diego (inv.)
Tim Geistlinger Perfect Day
Tom Van Aken, CEO, Avantium
Uwe Fritsche, IINAS – International Institute for Sustainability Analysis and Strategy (inv.)
Vincenzo Motola, ENEA (invited)
Yaniv Scherson, Managing Director, Anaergia (inv.)