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At ABFC, you'll meet seed developers, forestry companies, residue aggregators, logistics companies, growers, project developers from pilots through to commercial-ready products, scientists, policy and government program experts, and financiers for every stage of development and deployment. This is the place where agriculture, energy and materials, supply chain and biotechnology converge.

Charting the course for the Advanced Bioeconomy

The Advanced Bioeconomy Feedstocks Conference is about real dialogue by the real leaders on the real issues in feedstock and supply chain development and deployment. In partnership with the all the major trade associations, we'll look at the underlying hard data for the advanced bioeconomy. What's growing, and who's growing what, where??

With seed developers, crop development and protection experts, supply chain gurus and and fuel and chemical project developers, we'll look at underlying demand — where are the opportunities and the red flags?

With the major government agencies, we'll look at new programs and existing ones — where are the accelerators available via USDA, DOE and others, what's the view on mandates, tariffs, subsidies, grants, incentives and more?

We'll bring in the CEOs of the major biofuels, biomaterials and renewable chemicals producers. How much, how soon, what molecules, which partners — what are the lessons learned and what are the co-operative actions needed to build and sustain momentum.

An “action event” with unparalleled networking and visualization

AT ABFC, you are a vital part of the action. Really connect! Slides and coffee breaks? How about actual one-on-ones where you can see products and interact with their developers.

Or, one-to-ones with renowned consulting experts where you can tap cutting-edge advice in real-time on your most pressing problems in developing partnerships, lab breakthroughs, design, getting the right people. accelerating pace, gaining visibility, development, employment, finance.

Or, high-powered receptions where the leading technologists of this generation, policymakers and financiers are picking up awards, and on-hand for information-sharing and partnering up.